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Thursday, January 22, 2004
The not-so-fun Day

Thursday, 22 January 2004

Wad a day! Wid slept over last night n today we woke up super late... She, Dani n Zak actualli went to the beach for i-dun-noe-wad yesterday evening... n later at arnd 3 am she came knocking at my door... Juz her alone... the oder two idots taun at East Coast.. so we haf Zak's rm to ourselves... we juz slack arnd n in the next hour, we gave in to our tired eyes...

In the eve, i had my bro to jog wif me... YEa man! i accomplised sumting... i jogged the whole of the industrial area near serangoon without stopping... its all about discplin n self motivation. plus sum inspriration. *pats my shoulder n lol* its pretty exhausting but the satisfaction is dere of koz...

according to farz's bro, we nid to be specific in our planning+doings to succeed.. plus having sum commitments... how true is tt? well, i'l have the answer wen my O's results r released..

n on this day in 10 years tym, i'l be out visiting sum relatives wif mandarin oranges... hahahaa... tts juz a dream. well, as quoted frm Adlin the Great, Dreams r important but sumtyms tt's wad u'll onli get.

Posted at 01:47 am by blitzkreig
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Chinese New Yearz Eve

Wednesday, 21 January 2004

The celebrations in skool was totali crap man. n 1/4 of the class din turn up... the dragon dance was sooo goddamn "fun". including the lion dance. gawd. the lions were practically acting cute. esp wen dey blink-blink their big eyes. den we had couplets-making.. i tot i wuden get along wif Bee at ferz but surprisingli it turned out juz fine. well, myn was nicer den hers.. wad ken i sae... i'm born to do it. hhaha... n we hung our couplets on the entrance of 4/9. so everibdy hu walk past will go wow-wow at our masterpieces. used "mao pi" n "mo" to write the characters. oh, i also learnt how tah write my name in chinese character.. so frm now on, i shall write my name in chi on my werksheets n stuffs. lolx. Adlin Tan Xing Ling.

After school nuriek, ayu rad n me made our wae to PS to catch School of Rock again. aww man... the show is blardi nice! n now me n ayu noe how to do the handshake tinggy. "LETS ROCK LETS ROCK LETS ROCK TODAY!"

Went to Chinatown at night. the decorations n lights r nice... its soo jam-packed wif ppl... they even closed down the roads as there'l be sum concert n fireworks. the ambience was rare. gifs me this warm china-feeling i guess.. little kids playing wif those pop-pop near the market area.. couples walking hand in hand.. families having dinner tt includes carlsberg at the cofeeshops.. dey even did the "yam-seng" tinggy... stall vendors shouting at the top of their lungs promoting their goods.. n not fergettin the policemen guarding the areas.. most of them hu r on duty r chinese n indian... i was walking arnd in awe.. actualli, i was more to being pushed arnd den aniting else... i felt so alien n haf no sense of direction... (+ jakun) hhahaa...

all in all, had a great tym.. :)

Posted at 01:46 am by blitzkreig
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Monday, January 19, 2004
Monday=Parkwae Dae

Monday, 19 Jauary 2004

i rilli tink Zain dislike the 4 of us. it's like we r owaes toking among ourselves n din participate in his class discussions. c'mon... wadaya xpect? -the stuckups- but it's like rili super boring... one farney ting is tt the rest of dem seems to love his lessons while the four of us juz hate it. i rili dun understand wats so interesting. sheesh. i kant stand it wen he showed us sum hang tuah video. gawd. HANG TUAH???? i fell asleep the last tym. n its so irritating coz he kip walking along our row n checking on us. wadafark man! but no wonder... coz we owes kuden finish up our werk n hand dem on tym.. n nuriek din even hand in her karangan.. real slack man. its juz us i guess.. i tink he was hinting on us the oder tym. saed sumting like dose ppl hu din show gd attitude in klass hafta attend remedial. lolx. MALAY REMIDIAL??? it's juz so funneh...

aniwaes... xueqi is real cute.. she's realli a dreamer man... hee. n we saw MY girl n MY guy dis morning. oooohhh.. i heard MY girl's voice. ok, no biggy but hmm. yea, wadeva.

Posted at 10:33 pm by blitzkreig
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Sunday, January 18, 2004
Personality Disorder Test Results

Personality Disorder Test Results
Paranoid |||||| 30%
Schizoid |||||||||| 34%
Schizotypal |||||||||||||| 54%
Antisocial |||||||||||||| 54%
Borderline |||| 14%
Histrionic |||||||||||| 46%
Narcissistic |||||||||||||||| 70%
Avoidant |||||| 30%
Dependent |||| 18%
Obsessive-Compulsive |||||||||||| 46%

Narcissistic Personality Disorder - individual has a grandiose view of themselves, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy that begins by early adulthood and is present in various situations.


Posted at 03:41 pm by blitzkreig
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Saturday, January 17, 2004
Rubish Talk

Saturday, 17 January 2004

Juz came back frm dinner wif wid dey all. den after which we stop by at hg point n slack at mac while mOma n aunty raenah went to buy milk at NTUC. we were bulshytin, nah, bitching sounds more like it, all the wae home pluz not fergettin our 25-cents "hägen dazs" ice creams. totalli crap man.. *rrrrubbiisssshhhhh*

n i did jog in the morn.. in serangoon area which was kinda deserted.. den aunty raenah came over later... yups.. we planned to jog togedar at least once a wk startin nxt wk... lets see how long we'l last... lolx

aniwaes, yesterdae wuz Chuan's n Zak's bdaes... n i've yet to get Zak a prezzie. ooohh man... i hate berfdaes. i shall spend onli 1/5 of my moneh fer tt since i'm not financially stable dis mth. tt wil haf to do brudder coz aniwae, it's the tots tt counts. rrriiiggght.

g2g.. haf sum cathing-up ter do.. need to read up my geog tb coz i slept during khoo's super-goddamn boring lessons the whole wk.

Posted at 10:29 pm by blitzkreig
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Thursday, January 15, 2004
4/9 Rule #3: No Eating in Class

Thursday, 15 January 2004
[9:50 am]

Okiex.. its recess n so the six of us r in comp lab in our usual booked-seats. lolx.. one of the many many gd tings of being a senior: We ken ass ourself arnd coz WE RULE. dunno wad to do on the net so i tink i betar update tis cuz i'm kinda lazy to log in at home.. man... the comp is brand-new.. farkin fast.. it took less den 1 min to on it and all.. yea.. tt super-fast... 

aniwae i slept fer 9 hrs last nite... but i dun wake up super earli either. but the bottom line is tt i wazen late. 

on tues, me n  farz went to mp n did sum organizing n plannin... yeps.. n sumting tt is ego-hurtin happened. uhmmm... nah. no tym to tell about it now..  

g2g.. after tis is geog. yeaaaahhh... i've got my choc bonjour in my bag to guzzle...  haha  

Posted at 01:35 pm by blitzkreig
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War Of Words

I WAS GODDAMN FARKING BLARDI ANGRY JUZ A FEW HRS AGO. n i neva noe tt such a temper existed in me. i was shaking wif anger. now den i noe xactli how it feels like wen sum1 is described to be shaking wif anger.

aniwaes.. tis was wad happened. the six of us got up the 10 double-deck n unfortunateli it was kinda full. n it happened so tt i din get to sit. so me n rad were sharing a single seat. yea.. pathetic i noe. but watashit.. aniwaes... the backseat was occupied wif dis grp of boadrick guys hu r obviousli sec 1s... yep.. i was sitting wif one of dem btw. well.. they were making so much noise n basicalli attracting attention... they commented on us n duh, we shot back at dem. hahas... sumting like dey'r juz sum kental sec1 hu wanna act tough. kiss my ass man... once i said: ken u kip quiet n one of dem answered back: my mouth ryte n so i went: it's called social courtesy den farz went: din yer sch teach you guys sum manners
blah blah blah... so irritating. their language was so vulgar. i hate it man.

den later, those attention seekers "climbed" to the back part of the bus n "posed" their blardi asses. they tink deyr sooo daring. okkkkkkayyy. tt's still tolerable.

one of dem threw a sweet frm their fucking mouth into my bag which was on the floor, unzipped. me rad n ayu laughed. n i sumhow get the damn ting off my bag n unfortunateli, it landed on far's bag.. i was like "EEEEWwwww! Farz! yer bag!" hahas.. i was boilin wif anger tho.. but it's juz so disgustingli farney. i crused the twistie wrapper in my hand n was about to throw it on one of the guy's head but knew bettar. -mood changed- i suddenli got so angry n turned at dem. specifically i was directing to the guy behind me. i went : dunch you noe tt it is RUDE to throw tings into sum1's bag especially wen it comes frm YOUR mouth (pointing my second finger right in his face) i was practically shouting at dem n rasing my voice. the whole bus became so quiet. actualli i was shaking inside.. i tink the guys were too shocked to sae aniting. their faces were.. undescribable. flushed. even the 5 of dem dared not to laff. sum of the other passengers turned. after givein dem a piece of my mind, i took out the kit-kat frm my bag n munch on it. lolx. seriousli, i was damn damn damn angry. i went all out man. n i actualli "shouted". kinda embarrassing too but at dat point of tym, noting else matter.

the ambience changed... thank god the journey was peaceful after tt. the farney ting was the guy became so timid n saed: ish not me. ish not me. ish shim. ish shim. lolx.. he cant even get the werds out of his mouth properli.. probabli too stunned.. n seriousli, i surprised my own self too. i mean, i neva lose my temper like dis. but den tis is realli off the limit. MY limit. how dare they threw the disgusting candy into MY bag. n the other fren was showing the guy at the back his middle finger. realli farney. its like dey do it but blamed it on his fren.. so "unprofessional". at least stand up fer his poor fren man...hmmm... wad ken i sae. THEY'RE JUZ SEC1s.

in retrospective, the incident is rilli amusing.. one hell of an incident tt i will never ferget.
n it juz goes to show tt TKG rulez the bus. hahaha... n if deres one ting i regretted, it's tt i din demand an apology frm the assholes. i shud haf done tt alright. nah.. i'm satisfied. THOSE DICKLESS GUYS AINT WERF MY TYM.

Posted at 06:32 am by blitzkreig
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Monday, January 12, 2004

Monday, January 12 2004
[10:05 pm]

it's been quite sum tym since i last update... aniwaes.. i was earli today... hee... but den.. deres a price to pay... hee... but i did see the mgs chio bu tho... lolx.. she's sooo pretty.... n sooo sweett... hmm.. she's pretty. Period. :)

went to seletar mac wif wid afta sch... yep.. had lunch n did a bit of maths... oh yah.. liew changed my seat. damn her. she saed i toked to ema too much. n so now i sat rite at tha back.. hmm.. kinda gud too.. near the cupboard so it's easy to get n kip my bks... but... confirm i will slp... n eat. n fer my sat c.A., i bullshyt. dunno wat went rong. i did study but its juz tt... well i dunno wat is it. but i simply juz kant write the damn essay.

Posted at 01:11 pm by blitzkreig
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Friday, January 09, 2004
Chicken Pau??? Red bean??

Friday, January 9 2004
[8:30 pm]

Errrrghhhh!!!!! This is veri veri frustrating!!! I was booked fer late-coming dis morning wen its not even my fault. Damn the 76 driver! me n xueqi waited at the busstop fer like 25 mins!!! n the bus tt arrived was so goddamn full tt we kuden even get up.. hailed the cab but tough luck.. None stopped fer us coz they're all hired..

so i was booked n had to take the pledge all alone... ooohh yeah.... i missed singing the national anthem all by myself without the music in front of the prefects. (yar ryte)

n afta sch went to URA fer NE learnin journey.. kindof boring n wadever-lah-hor... but the xhibition was cool... its so tempting to touch the models... naw, felt like crashing dem instead. haha

Oh n i freaked out wen i was on the bus on my wae home.. got up to the upper deck n felt like goin down straight awae... the freakin 76 was full of students frm APSN. yep... dose ppl wif special needs.. lolx... they look damn scary.. lucky there was xueqi.. haha... n the werst ting.. theres dis malay guy n i tink a chinese gerl kissing n hugging at the backseat... no offense.. but i neva noe these ppl actualli haf got sexual desire. hahaaahhaa.... okok... deyr humans... humans' needs.. OK. FINE. but i find it disgustingli gross... i wonder.. if dey haf sex, wat will their offspring be lyk? it'l be a sad case if the child is normal... but is dere such a ting?? haha...

Posted at 01:11 pm by blitzkreig
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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Thursday, January 8 2004
[9:30 pm]

Confirm. I'm dropping amaths. tts it. My final decision.


Posted at 01:23 pm by blitzkreig
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